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Quality Repairs,

Great Products,

and Friendly Service.

We repair and sell all brands and types of outdoor power equipment!


We repair and sell push mowers, riding mowers, weed trimmers, chainsaws, edgers, generators, hedgers, water pumps, blowers, rototillers, lawn tractors, and just about anything else that uses a small engine and operates on land. Whether your lawn equipment operates on electricity or combustion, we sell it and fix it!  Call us today!


We cater to a diverse group of small and large businesses that rely on power equipment to get the job done and on time. Whether you are an arborist, contractor,  lawn care provider, or any other company that needs its engines running optimally, talk to us about our service plans and purchasing equipment that will stand the rigors of daily use. 

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In addition to selling new and used equipment, we offer thousands of parts for sale ranging from belts, carburetors, and spark plugs, to blades, fuel lines, and hoses. As a small engine shop, we keep an impressive stock of quality and affordable parts at arms reach. Come in and see how we can assist you with your project by bringing in a picture or written copy or your product's ID tag and engine information. If we don't have it in stock, we'll order it for you and call when it's ready to be picked up. We specialize in finding even the rarest parts. 

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